Mardee Calkins

Mardee Calkins has been practicing Pilates for more than twenty years and recevied her first certification to teach fitness 22 years ago. After a tramatic car accident at 19, Mardee found that Pilates was the only thing that seemed to keep her out of pain and her spine stable.


Mardee has three comprehensive Pilates certifications through BASI Pilates, Pilates Academy International and the Pilates Method Alliance. She is also a certified Pilates educator through the PMA. In additon to her Pilates training, she is a certifed personal trainer, a registered yoga teacher, barre instructor, a functional training specialist and a nutritional coach certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrtion.


Pilates can change your life

If you suffer from pain, need to improve the way your body moves, are recovering from a surgery, an accident or a pregnancy, Pilates is for you. If you just want to create a long and lean muscle profile and get stronger, Pilates is the discipline for you. Contact Mardee today for more information about scheduling.

 Wimberley Pilates

Wimberley Pilates has been a long time dream of mine. I fell in love with the sweet community of Wimberley when I was only thirteen. I was so fortunate to be able to call Wimberley home in 1998, where I soon met my precious husband and began to raise my family in the most peaceful setting.
There is no question that the energy of Wimberley is a special place. When I decided to open a fitness studio, I felt I needed to be in the Austin area to support the business. I opened Trio Life Fitness in Bee Cave in 2010 and moved it to Dripping Springs in 2015. Trio has been a wonderful experience in so many ways, but I’ve found it’s time for me to slow down and focus solely on the strengtheing and rehabilitative aspects of Pilates.
It is with more gratitude than I can express that I am home, teaching my favorite movement discipline in my favorite place. The beautiful location at the Lumberyard, with my reformers overlooking Cypress Creek is as good as it gets for me.

Mardee  Calkins, March 2018


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