At Wimberley Pilates, we are passionate about Pilates and for good reason. We offer several types of Pilates training options to meet your needs. The intelligence and mindfulness inherit in the tenets of Pilates provide the body with a style of movement and training that builds deep strength from the bone out. In Pilates, we create safe instability while working the larger muscles of the body, giving a new and deeper strength that many people have never felt in any other training modality. Our Pilates group classes are designed for those with experience on the equipment.

Pilates Privates

If you’re new to Pilates or need special attention, a private session is the best option to get started or to regain your strength.

In addition to creating profound new levels of strength in the body, Pilates also relieves back pain. So often in today’s busy world, we find ourselves at a desk, in a chair, a car or even a plane for hours at a time. This new lifestyle change (as of the past fifty years) has created back problems for millions of people. In Pilates we focus not only on strengthening the core muscles, we also focus on strengthening the posterior chain muscles of the spine, alleviating back pain, improving posture and giving people that suffer from back pain a new outlook on life. If you’ve experienced back pain or if you’re ready to get stronger, make an appointment today for an evaluation to see how Pilates can improve your health, relieve your pain and make you stronger than you’ve been in years.


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