Joseph Pilates Method


Jospeh Pilates was the Albert Einstein of the human body and biomechanics. Mr. Pilates delveoped his discipline in the 1920’s, which he called “Contrology.” He had an inherent understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology. Some of the main tenets of Pilates are: Controlled movement (no momentum, no gravity affecting contractions), spinal articulation, strengthening the body from the feet up, pelvic floor strength, core stregnth, posterior chain strength and learning to move the peripheral muscles from the core. Correct movement patterns save the spine from injury in movement and the joints from over use. Our muscles never know how old they are. Our joints age with every step.

Working on stabilzation through smaller muscles


In Pilates, we practice quality movements that focus on the smaller, stabilizing muscles. This helps to increase the body’s ability to move as it was made to. In addition to new strength, Pilates creates a long, lean look to the body that affords grace, flexibility and stability. The stabilizing muscles of the body are accessed when we safely create movement with instability. Activating all the tiny stabilizing muscles is the most efficient way to train. Every strengthening movement we do in Pilates creates length and strength simultaneously. We focus on the slow and controlled movements. Not allowing gravity or momentum to influence the biomechanics insures we create correct firing patterns that develop the muscles evenly and beautifully. This approach creates a long, lean body that has more strength than most body builders that are big and bulky. It is this component of Pilates that attracts Hollywood starlets and professionally athletes alike.


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Pilates Classes- We offer a variety of training opportunities from private sessions to equipment classes on the reformer and tower.


Reformer / Tower Class – This one hour class strengthens core stability and peripheral mobility by utilizing a moving carriage and a system of adjustable springs, straps and pulleys.


Pilates Privates, Duets & Trios – Come in for a one hour private session to receive individual training on the equipment, or bring a friend or two for group rate equipment classes.